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Global Legal Hackathon Romania 2019 | Bucharest

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The 2019 Finals Gala in New York City

GLH 2019 Winners

Winning Solution: Lawrelai is designed by Legal Shapers to be your first trusted legal travel advisor, easily accessible via Facebook’s Messenger App. Lawrelai’s uniqueness consists of its global coverage and of its free component of reliable and up-to-date legal information to most common occurrences while travelling abroad. In case of immediate need during your travel, Lawrelai offers personalized legal assistance based on a fee, through its verified local legal professionals.

Carl Frazier, founder

What is
Global Legal Hackathon?

On February 22-24, 2019, the second edition of the largest worldwide legal hackathon in history, engaging software developers, legal industry professionals, entrepreneurs, students to create solutions that would drive the future of law through innovative legal technology, will take place in cities all over the world including Romania, Bucharest. The legal industry is at the verge of complete transformation, and the Global Legal Hackathon is a great opportunity for everybody in the IT and legal industries, no matter how tech-savvy or not, to roll up their sleeves and join with friends, colleagues and even clients, to fully immerse themselves in the cutting edge of legal technology for a weekend. We expect teams will build working solutions, proofs of concept or prototypes, as well as presentation materials to explain, pitch, and present the solutions. Final phase and global awards ceremony will take place at the international gala organized in April 2019.

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GLH Romania 2019 Winners

GLH 2019 Romania - Winners

This year's winning solution, LAWra, is designed by the Legal Shapers team to be the first legal chatbot for travelers, easily accessible through various social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger. LAWra can be used to provide verified legal answers for any person traveling abroad. In the event of an immediate emergency during the journey, LAWra offers personalized legal assistance through its local partners, carefully selected and available one click away. From a technical point of view, LAWra uses NLP and AI technologies to decipher the complicated character of human language and to understand exactly the needs and context of the user. Scenarios can be created by both technical and non-technical people, using a powerful UI interface. The Legal Shapers team consists of lawyers Tudor Colţan (SeniorAssociate Suciu Popa), Roxana Pistolea (Associate Clifford Chance), Roxana Mihaela Catea (Senior Associate Ţuca Zbârcea and Associates) and IT specialists Petru Bălăşa and Eduard Mirică.

GLH 2019 Romania - 2nd Place

The second-placed team, Summarizel, proposed a Chrome browser extension (soon other solutions), which summarizes and translates all Terms and Conditions. The solution integrates a translation function so that any user on the globe can benefit fromit. The advantages brought by the solution include internet transparency, accessible language, fast and easy access to relevant information. The solution can be a useful resource for observing the transparency imposed by GDPR andcombines legal, technical, design, UX / UI to capture the user's attention and help him understand what he accepts, in easy words. Summarizel team: Ruxandra Sava - Innovation, Technology & Privacy Lawyer, Ecaterina Donciu - Graphic Designer, Diana Marusic - TechWizard, Eugene Cernei - TechWizard.

GLH 2019 Romania - 3rd Place

The third place was obtained by Lucky Team 1 who proposed an "Uber" for legal services for simple emergency solutions. Their project answers a problem that all of us encounter at some point: the need of an urgent advice from a lawyer, an advice that can get you out oftrouble and prevent long-term hardship. Avocat NonStop (“NonStopLawyer”) creates a permanent link between a lawyer and any individual in need at the distance of a simple phone call. The problem the lawyer can quickly give a useful answer to can be diverse, from being pulled over by the police to not understanding a certain clause from a contract in front of you.Our solution comes in two forms, either through a short phone number to be remembered easily by users, or through a mobile application that connects the user with the appropriate lawyer qualified to give a suitable answer to the said problem. As for the future plans, interactive voice response software(IRV) and machine learning could be implemented to improve the efficiency of the product. LuckyTeam 1 team is made up of two lawyers, AndreaPantiru -Dentons and Mihai Dolhescu - Clifford Chance.

How it was in 2018

"We are thrilled to be chosen the Romanian Host of GLH, for the second year in a row."

Madalina Hristescu
Managing Partner & Founder of Hristescu and Partners

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February 22 - 24


18:00 pm
Welcoming Participants, Mentors and Jury

Welcome to GHL2019
A word from Sponsors and Hosts

19:00 pm
GLH2019 Kick Off - Moderated by Sorin Badea

Presenting the rules, the prizes and agenda.
Forming the teams.
START of Hacking session

20:00 pm
Drinks and socializing

Get to know the other over drinks

21:00 pm
Break for the day

See you tomorrow

09:00 am
Welcome & Breakfast

Start of a full hacking day with a hot coffee and healthy breakfast

09:30 am
Hacking Session

Start working on your ideas, projects and aspirations
Drinks and food will be available throughout the day

21:30 pm
Break for the day

See you tomorrow

09:00 am
Welcome & Breakfast

Start the last day hacking day with a hot coffee and healthy breakfast

09:30 am
Hacking Session

Give shape to your projects and get ready to present

15:00 pm
Pitching Session

Equal slots of time for each team to present the Jury and whole audience their projects\
Q&A sessions with the Jury

19:00 pm
Award Gala

Sorin Badea will announce the winners and will award the prices

21:00 pm
End of GLH 2019

Don't forget to leave your remarks on the event's organisation
and register for GLH 2020! 

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Host Cities







// 2019
Commons Unirii, 1st & 2nd Floor
5 Halelor Street
amazing people

Our Jury

Sorin Mindrutescu

Oracle Romania Country Manager & Central and Eastern Europe Cloud Leader at Oracle

Lucian Butnaru

General Manager of Cegeka Romania

Adrian Mantoiu

Managing Director of Wolters Kluwer Romania

Bogdan Ivanel

Dr. in Law, Co-founder and CEO Code for Romania

Cristian Onețiu

Entrepreneur | Author | Business Mentor

Andra Bucur

Vice President of Privacy & Security compliance at UiPath

amazing people

Our Mentors

Tudor Juravlea

Co-founder Design Thinking Society

Marian Malahin

CEO Office Agile Media

Bogdan Șaitos

Co-founder Arbelos Development

Lucian Roșu

Co-founder Arbelos Development

Bogdan Hristescu

Regional MD at Euronet Worldwide

Adrian Dogaru

Consultant - Business Strategy

Radu Voloaga

Attorney - Experienced Civil Litigator

Maria Muresan

Legal & Compliance Manager, Europe East & South at Novo Nordisk

Anca Bundaru

Product Marketing at Bitdefender

Victor Cleja

Community Manager at Code for Romania

Raluca Pantiru

Product Manager at Fitbit

Gabriel Ungureanu

Executive Sales Manager at Wolters Kluwer Romania

Nicoleta Cherciu

Sales Legal Counsel at UiPath

Teodor Chirvase

Product Legal Counsel at UiPath

Radu Vucea

UX Design Manager at Fitbit

Tudor Birlea

Co-founder of Digital 2 Law

Silvia-Ioana Batorii

National Point of Contact at Space Generation Advisory Counci

Sorin Badea

Journalist at Radio Guerrilla


Only 150 spots available in


Join over 5000 professionals to pitch ideas, form teams and create technology-based legal solutions.

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winning team


The winning team of GLH2019 Romania will receive a spot in a start-up boot camp and access to up to 25,000 Euro financing for their solution. Moreover, the team will automatically be register for the worldwide event, competing for one of the 8 finalist slots for the GLH2019 Gala in April, 2019. Several other surprise prizes will be awarded at the end of the event, including two other start-up financing options from the partners of the GLH2019 Romania.

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Global List

Legal Challenges

Track legal changes affecting the industry andthe impact on the firm and its customers

Can we provide corporations with information and insights, that can becustomized for their needs to identify, assess and address regulatory changes?

Better understanding regulatory changes/events, particularly across multiplejurisdictions and their impact

Large corporations and law firms operate in multiple countries, need to understandthe same / similar regulations across the globe. Can we design a solution toprovide this information?

Addressing data privacy concerns

Can we provide legal professionals with tools which enable prediction of dataprivacy & security risk and improve speed and accuracy of reporting?

Monitor data privacy and integrity

What should a law firm or a General Counsel do to effectively monitor and managedata privacy for its customers and employees?

Comprehensive contract lifecycle management

Can we provide legal professionals with a solution that would help them through theentire contract lifecycle?

Provide relevant legal information connecting external and internal knowledge

Better leveraging law firminternal knowledge and connecting it with external information to providecustomized insights into practice and business of law.

Craft a winning litigation strategy

How can we provide lawyers with data-driven insights to craft their litigationstrategy?

Enable small legal professionals to compete with bigger players

Is there a way that legal professionals canleverage technology to improve efficiency, expand their access to legalservices, and improve margins and profitability?

Manage and develop legal talent

Legal professionals need tonot only use but understand the cutting edge technology and its impact on the law. How can we provide them with the opportunity to be part of the techcommunity and leverage their talent?

Enable law school students to be “practiceready”

Howcan we get law school students, to be technologically savvy and “practiceready” and hit the ground running when they into get their professional life.


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Commons Unirii, 1st & 2nd Floor